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On Facebook, I’ve seen comments and all sorts of graphics about the year of 2020–of how tired everyone is of the year, and how everyone hopes 2021 will be different–a year everyone hopes is far from disease and death and restrictions and masks, with which everyone is so tired of dealing.

But for all the hopes, it appears many of the restrictions will continue on into a year we all hoped would be different. Already the unintended consequences of restricting individuals and families to their homes is being paid in a variety of ways from increased abuse and suicide, to higher drug and alcohol use and even death from loneliness. What many do not realize is that mental health matters to physical health, We, and especially children, need to be touched, hugged. Need to communicate face-to-face. Need to be part of the community in a way that technology, as nice as it is to have, can not. There is no substitute for people being together.

There are differing opinions about masks and restrictions and many other aspects of the situation we’re in. There is hope vaccines will change the picture. We hope cases will not only decrease, but new cases stop altogether. In the midst of conflicting information even from “experts,’ we need to find our way for ourselves and our families.

America stands on three pillars–faith, family, and freedom. This pandemic has shaken every one of these pillars in one way or another. However, we don’t have to give in to despair. While this may not be over in the dawn of the New Year, we have hope of an end. Nothing lasts forever. As for faith, even when we are told not to meet together in large groups, we can still read God’s Word and communicate with God anytime and anyplace. We can pray for others, especially for those who are ill or grieving. We can reach out to those in need with a letter, a phone call, a donation.

Our freedom has been greatly impacted and that truly bothers me. Our elderly citizens didn’t vote to be locked away from family and friends–and pay dearly for such a “privilege.” This has been wrong on so many levels. I am not the only one who, now, has no intention of ever going into a home–if it can at all be avoided. Even in this attitude matters. We can complain or focus on the positive and we can seek to make changes.

If we want changes, we need to let our Representatives, Senators, Governors, Mayors know what we think and expect. Let’s do our part to stop Covid-19, but also to realize balance is needed and make our concerns known–through letters to the editor, phone calls, letters to those making and enforcing restrictions. Maybe you agree. Maybe you don’t, but you are the citizens. Those for whom we vote are supposed to be our employees, not our masters.

Make tomorrow be different by standing up for faith, family, and freedom. Then 2021 will become the year of hope and change we want so much right now.

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Published in Kearney Hub 01/04/2021

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