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women’s sports : I deal in hope

I deal in hope : Carolyn R Scheidies

Blog Politics No safe place for females of any age

It took most of the last century to raise women from the legal and natural consideration that women were little more than appendages to the men in their lives. Women finally came into their own.

They gained the right to vote. In WWII they handled factory and other jobs men were used to having, except now most of our younger men were far away fighting for freedom from the Nazi menace. Women also followed the soldiers as nurses and in other critical roles.

After the war, many women chose to remain in the workforce and earning their own money. Still women struggled. Women were at a disadvantage in men’s sports. They fought hard and finally founded the right of women to hold sports that highlighted their unique abilities. This was followed with higher pay for those playing in women’s sport and with scholarships that helped young women attend college.

Women also struggled with safety in vulnerable places such as lockers and bathrooms. Eventually such places were designated for gender and they had safe spaces for women and children. They could go into public female facilities without concern they would be intimated, threatened or assaulted.

Then the culture changed, wiping out the gains women strove so long to attain. This change is once more, making women into second class citizens whose wishes and desire for privacy and safety no longer matter. This change comes on the heels of the transgender movement. This didn’t seem all that important when there was a definition for who a transgender was. That, too, has evolved into something deadly for women.

Many in our culture say that science doesn’t matter and biology doesn’t matter. What matters is who I feel like being today. This means that without any medical changes, anyone can wake up one day and declare “today I am…”

Manly Craig likes women. He likes looking at them, fondling them, exposing himself to them, which is intimidating. He may even have a criminal record for assault. It doesn’t matter. Craig has the key to feed his lust and violence—and it is perfectly legal.

The key is a simple phrase. Without any background, any stated desire to change, without any therapy or drugs or even desire to become another gender, all Craig has to say is, “Today I am Candy,” and he has legal access to every safe space meant for women.

He doesn’t have to be a transgender, just state that “right now” he feels like a woman and no female is safe. This fluidity of self-identifying gender opens the door for pedophiles and perverts to assault women at will in their own spaces.

Without definitions, no woman is protected. This is already been played out in the courts. A man in prison for assaults and rape of a child, claimed, when it was time to transfer to another facility, he was now transgender—though he’d made no efforts in that direction.

On his word alone, the court forced a women’s shelter to accommodate him. The women at this shelter were already traumatized by assault, rape, and other violence perpetrated against them. They were in what they believed to be a safe space.

They were not safe. This man assaulted women in the facility, leaving them more traumatized than before. I read of a man entering a women’s bathroom to assault a young girl. In this case, the girl’s mother and the other women stopped him. Do you believe that girl will ever feel safe in a public restroom again?

The media is all in on these laws that refuse to define who a transgender is and seldom refuse to report growing attacks on women by men claiming the right to invade female sanctuaries simply by repeating the key, “today I am female.” No one realizes how this degrades women and shreds everything women have fought so hard and for long to attain—an acknowledgment of their uniqueness and safety.

Time we let those making these decisions and laws know that saying something doesn’t make it true and has opened the door for every male out there to intimidate and threaten women because public bathrooms, even your daughter’s locker room, is open season for bullies and voyeurs. Meanwhile, females have no say at all and are basically told, “Move to the back of the bus.”

Wake up parents, grandparents, pastors, and teachers. Stand up for biology, science, and reality for the safety and security of women.





(C) 2020 Carolyn R Scheidies

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