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Politics The Fallacy of White Privilege

White Privilege is a made up term. It implies that many Americans, especially white Americans of European descent are somehow “privileged” in undeserved ways. The term is a derogatory term that pits anyone with the means to care for their families with work or to own and run a business against those who seek political advantage, do not work or, for one reason or another, have less than someone else. It is a term that fosters greed and envy.

This term trivializes all the work, sweat and tears employees put in to earn that income to care for their families. It trivializes the time, effort and money it takes to start and run a business. The implication is that anyone with a good income or wealth is evil, greedy and doesn’t care about others. This term fosters an attitude of intolerance toward those who have something someone else may not have–especially if they have a certain skin pigmentation.

This term implies that anyone considered “white” is somehow less worthy than others. I’ve read articles about those with European backgrounds who now feel guilt simply for who they are. The concept of White Privilege is a destructive lie, especially for children.

It reveals an ignorance of American history and the very reason this country was founded. Many believe Europeans forced peace-loving Indians from their land. This is only partially true. Actually, this continent is a continent of immigrants. From the earliest days, one people immigrated, then another and another, the later groups taking over from earlier inhabitants. Native Americans are no more truly native than any other people group. The Europeans, escaping persecution–often religious, came to America to protect their families and to have the freedom of worship. Yes, there have been awful things done to different people groups in America–from Native Americans to other Native Americans, “white” Americans to other people groups, and even “white” people groups to other “white” people groups.

Nevertheless, this concept tries to erase the truth about early immigrants who came to America with a work ethic we don’t see much of today. Most of them weren’t trying to hurt others. They focused on hard work and sacrificed to create a home out of an often hostile land environment. These early settlers fought for their rights to live and breathe and pray in a place of freedom. Many of these early settlers died for their dream. These settlers, in large part “white,” but certainly not all, began to thrive in their new land.

In their land of origin, many of these settlers were imprisoned, even murdered for their faith. Others lost loved ones in the process. Many answered the pull to America often to save their lives and the lives of their families. For all the evil, much good came out of the clash of peoples and cultures.

The concept of White Privilege turns the idea of diversity on its head. If you are a certain color–white, of a certain political bent–conservative, or a particular faith–Christian, those touting the concept of “White Privilege” peg you as bad, as undeserving, even dangerous–no matter how good or caring a person you might be or how hard you’ve worked for what you have. Because you have a certain pigmentation, in this case of reverse racism, you are unworthy of rights, of consideration or even the protection of the government.

This concept is racist, bigoted to the extreme and should be shunned–not supported or encouraged. All races and peoples were created equal by a loving, caring God. It is time we stop the intolerance of the false idea of “White Privilege” and look not at color, race or place of origin as much as at heart and character.

By Carolyn R Scheidies


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