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vaccines : I deal in hope

I deal in hope : Carolyn R Scheidies

Blog Politics Covid, vaccines, exceptions, and common sense

There are some who claim that those who have hesitations about taking the Covid vaccine are uninformed, uneducated or simply stupid. That attitude shows the incredible bias of those who make such claims,

A Pfizer VP quit his job when he didn’t like what he saw his company was doing with the vaccine. This was a highly intelligent and educated man with a good job with excellent benefits. Yet, he left that job and its perks because he felt he had to speak out. This is only the tip of those truly behind those suggesting caution, suggesting more exceptions, suggesting that one size does not fit all.

You and I know that a garment manufacturer claiming, “One size fits all,” shouldn’t be taken seriously. A ten-year-boy and my six-foot-five husband are not going to fit into the same clothing. It is the same with medicines and vaccines. If you listen to ads, you hear a host of cautions about not taking it if you are allergic or pregnant, etc. etc. etc. Don’t give to children under six, or under 18 or…. Yet the manufacturers of the Covid vaccines tell us that they are safe and effective for anyone of any age, under any and all health circumstances. This is improbable at best. A falsehood at worst to promote their product.

Consider this. The manufacturers of the Covid vaccines are the same manufacturers who have paid out millions and millions over the years to individuals and groups when they lost lawsuits because they created, promoted and sold products that caused health issues—often cancer. Yet, we’re supposed to believe that this time they have only our best interests at heart. Really? Are you that trusting?

As for “safe and effective,” were we not told when enough individuals were vaccinated, our lives would return to normal? Has that happened? Instead, we hear of more and more cases of fully vaccinated person getting Covid. Now we’re told that may be true, but the case will not be as serious. So which is true—the vaccine works or it doesn’t either keep one from getting or spreading the disease? Can’t be both. Yet, those all in for vaccine seek to blame the unvaccinated for outbreaks without considering natural immunity and recovery with medications that are cheaper, less harmful and more effective than an expensive shot.

Oh, but you don’t pay for your vaccine. The vaccines is not free. It is paid for by government agencies (that means you) or insurance. Covid cases and shots net manufacturers and medical facilities ready cash. If you have the flu, but you die from a heart attack, your death certificate reads you died from the heart attack. But with Covid, if you have Covid but die from a heart attack, in many facilities your death certificate will read, “Died of covid.” This nets them government money and hugely inflates the cases of death to covid itself. It is smoke and mirrors to engender fear in the populous who will be more likely to give up freedom for restrictions and unconstitutional mandates.

The media will not report the growing number of deaths—not to Covid which is 99% (yes 99%) survivable, but from the vaccines. Others suffer irrefutable harm to their health. What about the young healthy teen who is now confined to a wheelchair? Or the single mother, in healthcare, who felt she had to get the vaccine to keep her job and support her kids. She suffered neurological damage and can now scarcely take care of herself.

My daughter knew someone with a peanut allergy who had such a severe peanut reaction after a shot that she ended up in the ER. Health issues are happening.

What is being cataloged but underreported are seizures, neurological problems, loss of feeling in extremities, heart problems, especially in healthy young men. Those who hear and read these disquieting stats, of course, have hesitations and rightly so.

Yet Bidden and his cohorts demand everyone get vaccinated regardless of health indicators, allergies, age or religious concerns. (Example: every one of the vaccines, while not including pre-born baby cells in the vaccines, nevertheless used aborted fetus material to test their vaccines.) Large and small companies are following along, including medical facilities, forcing one and all to get the vaccine or lose their seniority, benefits and their jobs. This for a vaccine, that by law, since it is still experimental, cannot be forced on anyone. But for these would-be dictators, they are above the law—for your good, of course.

Those who support the mandates are doctors, medical and government personal with lots of letters behind their names. Education means some training in some field. It doesn’t necessarily indicate intelligence and certainly doesn’t indicate honesty or integrity or lack thereof. How many really believe what they’ve been fed or simply believe the disinformation regularly pandered to the populace? On the other hand, not having a degree doesn’t make one unintelligent or stupid.

Doctors who are coming forward with their concerns are not stupid either. Many have as many letters behind their names and as much experience as the medical professionals promoting vaccines. One of these doctors even helped develop the Covid protocol. Many were not against the vaccines at the beginning—until they witnessed the reality of what was happening to their own patients.

Stepping out was not easy and not something taken lightly. Unlike many professionals (but certainly not all) promoting vaccinations, the doctors advising caution aren’t making money from stepping forward. In fact, they are risking their reputations, careers and livelihoods to do so. (The media, some medical persons and others have done everything possible to smear those who’ve had the courage to speak out.) Of course, they get banned from social media, but that’s happening to conservatives and Christians from our Senators to a mom who had concerns about things being taught in school. Many of my friends and I have gotten “Watch out” warnings. Being banned from social media doesn’t mean there is a problem with the information. It does signify a problem with the liberal slant of the platform.

There are real reasons for not taking the vaccines and these should be honored. Since it is getting more and more difficult to hide those either suffering permanent disabilities or even dying, maybe it is time to take another look at mandates and toss them where they belong—in the trash.

Let’s respect each person’s decision, to receive the vaccine, wait or decline altogether. Let’s allow the exceptions that protect those with religious, health, pregnancy, age, or other exceptions that are automatic for any other vaccine or medication.

Let’s stop calling names and casting stones—from either side. Stop making ridiculous claims about those with hesitations. Most are not anti-vaxxers. Most are intelligent, many educated, most with basic common sense all of whom have the right to question the current politically correct thought. Who knows, they might be right.

© 2021 Carolyn R Scheidies

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