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Blog Politics What Happened to Free Speech & Freedom of Thought?

One of the foundations of America has been free speech which is founded on freedom of thought. Both seem to be disappearing. We have a generation who has re-interpreted tolerance to mean “anything that agrees with my point of view (POV).” If you have a different POV this segment of the population will do everything possible to shut you up and change your mind or otherwise silence you. This violent response to a different POV is especially evident against anyone with a conservative or Christian POV.

Even relatives, including those they care about, do not escape. If it is someone they care about the excuse is, “Well, their minds have been polluted by such as Fox or other conservative talk shows or other hosts or information outlets. Instead of allowing their loved one the right to hold a differing view, they badger the person to change, almost becoming bullies to force a change of thought and POV.

To say bright, intelligent people cannot hold views on their own, but simply accept whatever these conservatives have to say is a huge put-down and an insult. They actually believe we are too stupid to form our own opinions. It never occurs to them that some of us are drawn to outlets such as Fox not to be indoctrinated, but because, finally, we found a place that REFLECTED views we already had.

I am tired of bullies who seek to force me to their way of thinking.

Believe what you want, but how about giving me the same courtesy?

In fact, it is the conservatives who are the closest to the foundational beliefs of our founders–

Faith, freedom, family, tolerance (like free speech & thought), and personal responsibility. It is believing citizens should be, as the Constitution dictates, in charge & run government—having the right to speak out without being labelled a threat. Big government is not suppose to be in charge—becoming little better than another dictator with mostly unelected persons forcing their will on the citizens—government agents who often restrict free speech. This is completely opposite of what our Constitution is about.

How about returning to a nation of free speech with the right to differing POVs and stop seeking to shut down everyone who disagrees?

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