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serving others : I deal in hope

I deal in hope : Carolyn R Scheidies

Blog Marriage About Sacrifice and Serving

In our culture, too many marriages are centered on “ME.” I am in love. My partner meets MY needs. For many, marriage is little more than a legal agreement to live together until one partner decides to move on.

The sacredness and sanctity of the union has been exchanged for the selfishness of “whatever makes me happy—at this time.” Marriages do not survive because the two involved never consider their union of two should become one entity, two separate individuals, working together for the benefit of the marriage and those within that union. Yet, marriage isn’t about what you can do for me. It isn’t even about what I can do for you. Marriage is about how we can best serve one another. That’s real love. That is love that lasts.

Recently I attended a wedding that graphically symbolized this aspect of marriage. In all their finery, the bride and groom got on their knees on the platform and lovingly washed each other’s feet. The act symbolized their desire to show their love for and commit to one another–through humbly serving one another. It was a beautiful representation of Jesus. Though the leader, master, and teacher, Jesus served by stooping to wash his disciples’ dirty, dusty feet.

How many marriages would be different if we followed Jesus’ example of service? How many relationships would be enhanced if one was less concerned about ME and more concerned with how to serve their partner? This isn’t about abuse or being a doormat, but about voluntarily loving someone enough to consider the other’s needs on par with your own.

Who wouldn’t follow a partner who loved and lived like this? Do you, do I reflect this unselfish love?

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