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I deal in hope : Carolyn R Scheidies

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Right now, on our dining room table are three books. When he ran out of books to read, my husband Keith looked through my published books I keep available for gifts or sale.

He chose a mystery When Murder Wakes to read until he got new books to read. Keith usually reads while eating. At noon he reads a book and at supper, he reads the Kearney hub newspaper.

On the end of the table are two books. One is my latest book Three Sisters of Stanhavon Castle along with a blue sock grandson Ezekiel left when daughter Cassie visited with our two young grandkids. She has a friend who enjoys Regency books. She lent out her copy and asked for another to replace it. I’m gathering books, etc. for our next visit to see her family in Papillion.

Next to those items is another book. Keith’s sister visited recently and left a book to pass on to our son Chris. A look around almost any room in our house—including bathrooms—reveals books on tables, shelves, on chairs and even in baskets. We love books and they overflow the house, even though I tend to read most of my fiction on my Kindle these days. (I can make the print as large as is comfortable for my eyes.) We love books.

I grew up with an appreciation for reading and books. From a young age, Dad read to us kids—even after we were able to read for ourselves. Made for some special family times. We passed on that love to our own children. In fact, from the time they were young and almost until middle school, Cassie, Chris, and I would choose a book and spend time together in the evenings while I read out loud.

They also read books on their own. Chris has passed on the love of reading to his, now, almost adult kids. I love choosing books for gifts. Cassie’s kids already love words and books. Ellery at 5 is starting to read and write. Ezekiel loves holding and looking at books and often falls asleep surrounded by them.

In life, we pass on both good and bad habits to our children. I am thankful our legacy is a good one—we passed on the gift of reading. I hope you do as well.

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