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My husband wanted to see the new Shazam movie. He thought it would be a rather light-hearted superhero movie. It was also Tuesday that meant free popcorn. I went along.

There were positives about the movie.Though rather a jerk at first, Billy (Shazam) grew into his superhero role, becoming more sensitive and caring as both boy and hero.

Other positives included a full on nativity scene in the yard of the group home parents who were kind, caring and not stupid. The family of foster kids also had a secular chant/prayer before meals.

I liked the foster kids of the home and how they interacted. In the end Billy pulled them together to work as a team.

Then again, there were times I rolled my eyes. Part of the problem was that the movie was not played for humor. It took itself far too seriously.

However, this was not suitable for elementary age. There was some very intense violence that was unnecessarily graphic. Thirteen year old boys might get into it, though they might see parts as stupid. The 13 year olds I’ve known are smarter than these characters. Felt the writers wrote down.

Both Keith and I felt the movie overall missed the demographics.

If you do see it with your kids, discuss it afterwards. Use it as a learning tool.

Personally, I suggest skipping the movie and reading a good book.


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