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Anger only simmers problems until they explode. Keeping track of supposed insults or ways you might have been dissed or slighted doesn’t solve any problem. And why assume the worst in those around us? Why not leave behind the negative assumptions and begin reaching out instead?

When it snowed, my contractor brother was paid by businesses to clear parking lots with his little caterpillar. He loved his little cat, but he did not stop with paid jobs. Keith would start clearing our sidewalks and Paul would come and clear the driveway and walks. He did the same for other friends and neighbors—including ours. We didn’t even know.

It wasn’t until Paul was gone we learned he sometimes cleared our neighbor’s drive and they didn’t know Paul was my brother. With health problems, Keith is unable to clear our drive and sidewalks any longer. However, our neighbors are taking the torch and clearing our walks. We are so blessed. When I called to thank them, they brought in supper. Talk about passing it on. They do.

A couple of years ago I went to get the paper at the front door. Only it wasn’t right at the door, but further away. I can’t bend down and usually simply kick it inside where I can use tongs to retrieve it. An elementary-aged boy was riding by on his bike. He saw me and the paper. In an instant, he was off his bike. He ran up, grabbed the paper and thrust it into my hands. Before I could stutter a thank you, he was riding away. He saw a need and responded, not expecting anything in return.

After we had our car accident in January that totaled our car and caused massive bruising on my left leg, I wouldn’t even have realized something was wrong but for our friend and nurse from a block away who decided to keep checking on me. She discovered the leg had gotten infected and made sure I sought medical intervention twice, since the first medication didn’t work. She continued to keep an eye out when I pulled several muscles due to circumstances.

Before I went to my yearly labs and wellness check, she strongly suggested I ask for an EKG. I did and it revealed a serious heart situation that ended up with me in the hospital for three days. Who knows what would have happened if someone hadn’t reached out.

How much better to focus on doing good instead of zeroing in on what others might have done wrong. Of course, to make this work we have to be able to learn to graciously accept as well as give of our time and efforts. This elevates the positive and gives us the satisfaction that getting angry and tearing down will never do.

Want to make your neighborhood, community, the world a better place? Look for opportunities to reach out, to lift up and serve. Pass it on.

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Column published Kearney Hub 3/7/2023
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