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Poetry Time—A Wink, A Blink and a Nod

Where has this week gone?
Each moment a wink.
Each day a nod.
And the week disappears in a blink.

Gone childhood where time
Stretched forward endlessly day by day.
When even the afternoon, tomorrow
Seemed a forever delay.

We grow, mature and time quickens.
Days slide one into another in an uninvited race.
Faster, faster time flies. We age, children grow
Until we are frantic to slow life’s pace.

Hair grays. Wrinkles show.
Time zips on, yet I am comforted to know
I need not worry the speed of my journey,
For my life is more than here below.

However long or short, fast or slow life’s ride,
I trust in Christ, secure He has a plan
That today, tomorrow and forever
I rest safely in His hands.

© 2020 Carolyn R Scheidies

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