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Blog Bio A Birthday, A Graduation and the Making of Good Memories

Our oldest granddaughter did her high school online. That means she finished at a different time than traditional students. Tori finished her classes this summer. Since our children, Cassie and Tori’s dad Chris planned a 70th birthday celebration for their dad Keith Saturday, September 3rd, I got the idea of holding a graduation celebration earlier that same afternoon.

It was perfect timing as many family members would be coming to Keith’s celebration. I began planning. I already had her gift. My daughter let the family and a few close friends know about our celebration for Tori.

I ordered a vegan cake since Tori is a vegan. Keith went to get a helium balloon only to discover helium is hard to come by. But the business had gotten creative in how to use balloons for decorations. They created two wonderful table decorations—helium-type balloons filled with air with the graduation greetings- on a bed of three colorful smaller, regular balloons. The decorations were so much nicer than a helium balloon. I prefer these decorations, which weren’t expensive, and which I put on either side of the cake on the table.

We added gifts and cards, while those who came to help celebrate crowded around and ate cake. (Even my husband thought the vegan cake was pretty good.) Tori enjoyed her celebration. She got to have a graduation reception though she didn’t graduate from a traditional school situation.

Tori now has memories of the love of family members who were happy to celebrate with her.

Happy Graduation, Tori!

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