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history : I deal in hope

I deal in hope : Carolyn R Scheidies

Blog July 4th and dangers of historical ignorance

My brother Paul’s birthday is June 22nd. Since his passing in 2019, we remember him by taking his widow out to eat. This year, my sister Karin from Kansas chose to join us. But she had another reason for visiting.

When Dad died in 1988 in International Falls, MN where he made his home, my sister, brother, myself and his wife and family went through his things to make choices for our families. Some items, such as his pastor collection of books, were given away to other pastors, with other items going to his close friends. We were far from home and needed to return home so much of dad’s things were packed up. Paul brought them home with the idea Karin, Paul and I would go through the boxes later. Only we never did, and years passed by.

Then Paul died and now we had to deal with his things and Dad’s things. Two years later, we’re still going through things. Part of Karin’s trip to Kearney included going through items from World War II he collected while he was overseas as well as Minneapolis newspapers Mom saved from the end of the war.

We divided pictures and got rid of negatives we would never turn into photos. We found any number of Bibles. one was special. It was a small worn Bible with a zipper that Mom gave Dad and, we suspect, the Bible went through the war with Dad.

There were maps, and books to help soldiers make their way around a foreign country. Dad was a medic in Italy and North Africa right behind the front lines. These soldiers went overseas to protect their own families and nation from the evil perpetuated on European citizens, especially Jewish people, evil that included torture, starvation, experimentation, and death. At great sacrifice, American and other soldiers defeated the Nazi dictatorship that threatened the entire world.

Yet today, and especially since many schools do not teach actual history, many individuals have no clue of the importance of the World Wars to keep America free, It gets worse. Before Independence Day I heard a reporter ask regular persons on the street what we celebrated on July 4th. A great many had no idea.

Our young people aren’t turning away from our Constitutional principles of faith and freedom–they’ve never been taught about them. Many in schools are taught a form of history that is twisted, bigoted–such as the Critical Race Theory (CRT), and altogether false. If a nation loses its history, it loses its foundation and a nation without a foundation will crumble. There are far too many in places of education and government who are hoping for this result.

I was thankful that we had Dad’s reminders of what Dad fought for so long again. I was even more thankful, that when I contacted our kids and grandkids, they wanted those WWII mementos. As long as we have citizens who care about the past and share it with the next generation, America might actually survive.

I pray the sacrifices of our soldiers has not been in vain.

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