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helping friends : I deal in hope

I deal in hope : Carolyn R Scheidies

Blog Bio Family and friends step up in time of need

Early January, we went to pick up a tween before church. We’ve been giving Jordon rides to church for several years. Most of the ice and snow was melting, but not all. Keith went to the door to get Jordon. As they walked to the car, Keith hit a patch of ice and went down–hard. He couldn’t get back up. 

Jordon ran to the car to let me know. Then hurried to get her older brothers. I couldn’t see what was going on, but did hear her brothers working to get Keith to his feet. Jordon’s older brother had been hit by a car in his senior year of high school that had done quite the number on his leg. He was now fine, but still had his crutches. He retrieved them and helped Keith to the car. Without a thought, he shoved the crutches into the car. There would be no church for us that day.

Keith had done damage to his right leg. Not sure how he drove home, but he managed to get us home and into the house. I texted our neighbor and nurse who was at church, Rachel, asking her to stop after church. She alerted my sister-in-law who left church to call. After church, Rachel checked Keith’s leg and took him to urgent care. Keith came home with a strap on boot since he’d not only wrenched his knee, but also broke his ankle. 

I called my orthopedic doctor who gave me the name of a podiatrist surgeon he recommended. With the boot, Keith couldn’t drive. Rachel took him to the doctor appointment I was able to set up. Keith was told his foot would take 6-8 weeks to heal. Because of his medical history, the doctor decided against surgery, but told Keith he’d have to absolutely keep the boot on and stay off his leg. 

That’s when our circle of friends and family stepped in. We had needs such as getting the mail. (I am not able to go out for it, because of my high risk of falling.) We needed rides to doctors. Our friends checked their schedules and helped as they could. There were groceries (between larger HyVee deliveries.) There was wrapping Keith’s ankle with an ace bandage and strapping on the boot. We had the crutches which Devon said we could hang onto until Keith didn’t need them. We also had a walker, Keith’s dad had found for Keith several years ago when Keith had back problems. 

Our pastor and wife brought over a pot roast and her knee scooter. Rachel’s folks brought a wheelchair for him to use. Our friends, Jeff or Gloria, stopped by after work to bring in our mail. Jeff took out the trash, replaced a lightbulb and did other small fixes Keith was unable to do at that time. Rachel checked Keith’s ankle, helped him soak it in Epsom salts, picked up groceries, emptied the wastebasket and much more. My sister-in-law Lorene also picked up mail.

The first weeks, Keith was pretty much in the wheelchair. As he healed and the doctor allowed, he started using the walker more. When he felt ready, Pastor Dave picked him up for church in his SUV. Lorene picked me up. Our family, most who do not live close, checked on us regularly.

Keith is now in a brace instead of the boot and uses a cane. He is on his way to being able to get around on his own, but we are thankful for a community of caring surrounding us in the friends and family that went beyond their comfort zone to help out in our time of need. This has been the story of the Good Samaritan in action.  

We are thankful and feel very blessed.

© 2020 Carolyn R Scheidies

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