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Poetry Is God Near?

I cannot clearly see.
Is God there,
Far, Far away,
While I am here?
Does He hear what I say?
What I pray?
Does He care?
Does He hear my cry,
Way up high? Yet,
From His Word He speaks.
As I seek, I see
God IS near,
As close as my prayer.
Calming fear.
I rise to praise,
Raise hand, heart, mind.
Find Jesus not far, far away,
But here, inside,
Creator Lord who comforts, strengthens, guides,
Offers life abundantly.
I follow His steps, His way,
For God isn’t far, far away,
But here with me,
Every moment.
Every day.
And I am free to be
All Jesus meant for me to be.
And I bow.

By Carolyn R Scheidies

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