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Poetry Am I Walking with Jesus?

Walking with Jesus should
Make a difference.
Do I?
Does it?
He keeps his promises.
Do I?
He is willing to forgive, forget.
Am I?
Do I?
He seeks truth, is truth.
Do I prefer my assumptions to His truth?
He is loving and kind. Am I?
Or do I rationalize negative attitudes,
And respond accordingly?
He hates evil, sin and wrong,
knowing they destroy.
Do I love and trust Him
enough to fight against them, too—
In my life, family, community, nation?
Am I willing follow His way, not mine?
Allow Him control, to live within?
Realizing walking with Jesus means
Becoming all He created me to be
For in letting go, I find forgiveness and hope,
And a Savior friend who never lets me go.

© 2021 Carolyn R Scheidies
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