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Devotion: Losing that First Love

God wrote to the churches of Revelation, the book of he Bible I’m reading now. Each had positives God praised and negatives He deplored in their fath walks. But this particular patten is so easy to fall into.

However, I have this against you: The love you had at first is gone. Remember how far you have fallen. Return to me and change the way you think and act, and do what you did at first. I will come to you and take your lamp stand from its place if you don’t change. —Revelation 2: 4-5 GW

When Jesus saves us we’re grateful and excited to share. But time passes. We get busy and let our close relationship to Jesus become “religious” duty. We haven’t cultivated our relationship and our hearts grow cold and dead. It is a situation that will not last.

This passage makes clear, Jesus desires a close relationship. He desires to bless. But that takes remembering Him, allowing Him access to every area of our lives including our minds, hearts…and schedule. Do I daily walk and talk with my Savior? Do listen I when He speaks?

By Carolyn R Scheidies
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