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Devotions Easter–more than a holiday of eggs and bunnies

With Easter near, the stores are filled with chocolate bunnies and candy eggs. Some carry symbols of faith such as chocolate crosses, lilies, and eggs, plaques, etc. with Easter symbols of the resurrection. But Easter is more than symbols. Easter, despite traditions, is primarily a holiday of faith in God.

From childhood, many of us have heard that God loves the world. Many believe there is a God and that He is out there–somewhere. However, this God they’ve heard about their entire lives, though traditional, has never become real or personal.

This is especially true when life brings questions. Does God care when a spouse deserts, a child dies, a job is lost? Does God care when your heart aches, your body wracks with pain or when stress lays you low? This is where Easter comes in.

God doesn’t simply hang out in heaven discussing metaphysics with philosophers. He intersected with our world because He is Creator and He cares about every phase of our lives.

When Jesus chose to come to earth as that baby in Bethlehem, He did more than provide a holiday of joy. He came to live a life of reaching out with love and truth. He experienced mockery, suffering, and death. But… Because He came, He understands our hurt, pain, and confusion. He died on the cross, not for the “world” but for you and me as individuals and offers salvation in the same way–one by one to those who come to Him. Jesus loves each one of us, not only as part of His overall creation but as unique and special persons. He died a sacrifice for you and me. Easter happened when Jesus rose again conquering death. He rose to offer you and me, as individuals, life here and forever with Him.

When He called His disciples, He called them as individuals. Though He spoke to multitudes, He ministered to individuals. No problem was too large for Him to solve, nor too inconsequential to merit His attention.

So why do so many believe Jesus is not concerned with their problems? The key is simple. We don’t ask, ask without expecting an answer or ask without waiting for direction. Jesus says, “Ask. Seek. Knock.” He says, “Come to me…”

Jesus loves you. He desires to answer your prayers. He does not require self-abasement, chanting of prayers or begging before He’ll answer.

Jesus is different. He is personal, caring, requiring only one thing–that you come to Him with your need. He doesn’t hide himself away. He is known in His Word and we can know Him through Scripture and through direct communication that includes listening as well as asking.

He asks that we come to Him, not as some way-off being, but as personal Savior and friend. Come to Jesus with an open heart and He will save, heal, guide and set free. It is a matter of asking, following and trusting Him. That is the truer and the deeper meaning of Easter. What better time than at Easter to discover not just a holiday, but a God who is here and cares?

By Carolyn R Scheidies

Published Kearney Hub 4/15/19
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