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Christianity changes lives : I deal in hope

I deal in hope : Carolyn R Scheidies

Blog How Christianity Makes Difference

We live in a culture in which from Hollywood and many colleges to the media and work environments, Christians are on the defensive. Over and over the messages comes across that Christians are dangerous, bigoted, racist and anything else that can be thrown at them. (This is much the same ploy used against the Jewish people in Germany and, we know where that led.)

The truth is far different. When Biblical Christianity gains a foothold, persons, families and culture become radically different in a positive way. Why? Because Christianity lifts up rather than tears down, offers love instead of hate and hope instead of despair.

Christianity has a high view of life. Life has intrinsic value and worth. Life is to be nurtured and protected. This leads to a high view of humans who are made in God’s image. We are not God or gods, but we have a special unique worth and value in His creation because He created and loves us. (We don’t have to strive to reach God, because He reaches down to us.)

This also leads to a high view of children from the pre-born child on. In many religions and cultures, children are second class, used, abused and not given much attention. However, Scripture makes clear Jesus valued and loves children. They are to be loved, taught, protected, treated with respect and not ignored  or treated as “less than.”

Because children are so valuable, Christianity also has a high view of marriage. It is more than two people hanging out. It is a commitment of trust that forms a protection for those in the marriage as well as a safe and caring place in which to raise healthy children.

Christianity is about being accountable to other than our own selves. Because we believe in a good and powerful God, we also know about accountability. Like a very real Santa Clause, God knows what we think and do. Knowing there is accountability changes how we look at who we are and the choices we make.

The high view of life is revealed in a God who loved and valued us so much, He was willing to sacrifice His life for you and I. Our existence isn’t meaningless because we are loved by our Creator who created each of us different from one another. Christianity isn’t about color, race or status.

What a difference this message sends today’s young people who turn to suicide–hatred toward themselves, or to violence–hatred turned outward because many have been taught life has little value, their lives are of little value. What if these young people understood their intrinsic worth outside of what they can contribute.

Culture with a solid Biblical base is a culture where serving and sacrifice is the norm.

Time we stop allowing the media, places of higher learning, and Hollywood to denigrate Christianity. Time, instead, we start learning what Jesus means when He says, “Follow me.”

How different our lives and our nation would be if we truly did just that.

By Carolyn R Scheidies

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