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Keith had an idea. He wanted to surprise Jeff and Gloria Geiselman who’ve been our friends since college. Whenever we’ve needed help, they’ve always been there. It was more than that. The surprise had to do with an interest we all had in common. It included a special trip after Jeff retired. Once we knew when he was officially retired, we booked the trip—many months in advance. “Save the date,” Keith told Jeff and Gloria.

Late August we packed everything into our car and headed out. They knew we planned to eat in Omaha, so Jeff drove that first lap. Keith took over after that stop. We headed mainly east on I-80. I knew Gloria needed to know how to pack, so I’d already shared we were headed to a Casino Resort with a pool, hot tub and spa.

We talked, laughed, remembered incidences and friends from the past. Back in college, I was in a wheelchair and the guys took good care of me and included me. After my extensive surgery and relearning to walk, Jeff and Gloria were always ready to lend an arm when I needed more support. Now we’re geezers and Keith isn’t as steady on his feet as he once was.

Eventually Keith told them we were going to Riverside Iowa. That didn’t ring a bell and he asked them not to check on their phones. Even when we arrived and settled into very nice connecting rooms, they had no clue. We were all Star Trek fans. Before and after we married, we got together to watch episodes of Star Trek as well as shows that came out of that original show.

Keith revealed the secret. We brought them to the future birthplace of Captain James T Kirk. In the series, Kirk always claimed his home was Iowa. Riverside became that home. The next day we headed to the Star Trek museum with all things Kirk and Star Trek. No one else was visiting so Alex who was in charge spent his time talking to us and showing us around.

We took pictures of the command chair, the transporter, and much more. Alex even came outside with us to take a picture of us in front of the large mockup of the Enterprise. It was so much fun to share that experience with our friends.

This was also Amish country where horses and buggies were not uncommon on the road. We ate delicious ice cream at an Amish creamery, shopped at unique stores, and later enjoyed supper at a steak house. By then we were ready to return to the resort, I was out of steam, but the others grabbed their swimsuits and went swimming in the indoor/outdoor pool.

After long days, it wasn’t hard to sleep. The third day, it was time to head home, which we did after breakfast. After all, it was a 6 ½ hour drive home. On the way, we found some unique eating places to take breaks and eat. By the time we drove by exits for Grand Island, talk had died down. The only sound came from the radio.

We were tired and ready to be home. We gave thanks for a safe trip, a fun trip, and time together with good friends. We made good memories and took lots of pictures. I am glad we were able to do the trip and surprise our friends. Now we can look back, remember and smile.

What can you do to make good memories for family, friends, or even a total stranger? Try it. Make some good memories of your own.

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