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Falling snow

We’ve heard the phrase some like it hot. But it is just as true that some like it cold. For others, it has to do with acclimating to where you live. We had friends who were missionaries in first Indonesia and later the Philipines. When their oldest daughter returned to the states to enter UNK, she froze. She had trouble acclimating to the colder Midwest weather. All winter long, she bundled up in a heavy coat, scarf, and hat.

She never completely grew used to the colder weather. Probably just as well since she later joined her parents overseas as a teacher in the missionary school. When her next youngest sister came over for college, she was cold at first but adjusted. She is used to our weather by now.

As a child, I hated wearing anything on my head in the winter. I enjoyed the cold breeze in my hair. That changed when I got sick. My body thermostat disappeared. If I got chilled, I could get very sick. That modified later, but I still had to take care. I layer clothes, adding a coat and usually in the winter–a warm hat. I love wearing hats now.

When I married, my husband couldn’t believe how cold my legs would get. Now that he’s retired and has health issues, he often puts a jacket on in the house.

At church, a young man came in wearing long shorts. I had warm boots, coat, and hat–and I was inside. It was January and not a warm day. When we’re in the car I see shoppers with heavy coats and boots, while others are out in lightweight jackets or simply a sweatshirt and slacks. While not always true, it does seem that we tend to respond more to extreme temperatures with age.

Cold and heat affect each of us differently and that is one thing that makes us unique. My problem comes from those who do not dress appropriately. Sometimes not dressing warm enough stems from pride–wanting to be fashionable or like someone else. Other times not dressing appropriately comes from not having the resources. Our church has given away shoes, coats, etc. to those who need something sturdier or warmer. Look around. Is someone shivering? Be thankful for what you have and find ways to reach out to help someone who could use that old coat, hat, scarf in the closet.

True warmth comes not only from bundling up but from knowing we’ve helped someone else do the same.

By Carolyn R Scheidies
Hub title: Cold affects us differently Publ. 3/4/19

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