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Broken arm : I deal in hope

I deal in hope : Carolyn R Scheidies

Blog: I’m grateful this fall wasn’t so bad

I didn’t end up under the dining room table like with the last fall. I didn’t lose consciousness this time. I watched the dresser drawers go by as I headed to the floor. Keith was home and confirmed I was well aware of what was going on. Said he knew because I was hollering for help the moment I hit the floor.

I also don’t remember tripping. But I was checking to see if the covers and sheet were still tightly tucked in at the bottom of the bed. Don’t think I got down far enough to check. Leaning down too far and too quickly can cause dizziness. A nurse told me my heart medication can cause such dizziness. Maybe so.

At least Keith was home and able to get me up. I bumped my head, but not hard enough for a concussion. That was certainly positive. Usually, a concussion goes hand-in-hand with my falls. This time I landed on my right elbow and it hurt.

Keith assisted me to the bed and I sat up holding my arm. Yes, it hurt, but I’m a stubborn one and not prone to run to the doctors. I see enough of them. Maybe I had a bad sprain and the pain would subside. A bit later, I realized my jacket at the elbow was very tight. Swelling! We got the jacket off. Keith looked at my arm and said, “I’m taking you in.”

It was Saturday morning July 21st. We headed to Family Practice where I was seen by a young doctor who didn’t know me or my history. He called an orthopedist and put me in a splint that went from wrist to my upper arm. My first response was relief. My supported elbow hurt less.

But that relief didn’t last. The cast itself rubbed, gripped, and began causing pain, lots of pain. We had family events coming up in a couple of weeks and a cast certainly would keep me from doing things. The pain short-circuited my brain. My orthopedist wasn’t available until the next Friday. By then the cast caused as much pain as the elbow. Dr. Adamson knows me, has walked through this with me before. I figured six weeks in a cast, but believed he could make one that was supportive—and much less painful.

Surprise. He took it off completely, leaving me with the sling. I felt immediate relief. Turns out most of the pain was caused by the cast itself. Without the obstructing cast, my pain level was tolerable–most of the time–and my ability to take care of myself a whole lot better.

Such events remind me to be grateful in so many ways. I am grateful the fall was not worse. Grateful for family and friends who expressed concern and prayed. Grateful for friend, neighbor and nurse Rachel who washed my hair and helped me change clothes a couple days after I fell. Grateful for caring doctors. Grateful Keith was home. Most of all I am grateful God was here, near to listen and comfort and help us make good decisions.

Once more I looked forward to upcoming family events.

By Carolyn R Scheidies
Published in Kearney Hub 8/13/2018
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