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The media is filled with horror stories of unexpected deaths, tragedies health concerns and, basically, end-of-the world-as-we know-it scenarios. Media seems focused on negative stories. While the media covers some heartwarming stories, negativity draws in readers.

If we fill our minds with complaints, and the constant drum-beats that foster fear, we may well mirror such negativity. Yet there is so much good in the world, so much beauty, and so many individuals and organizations that truly seek to do good. What a difference in our culture if we focused on these positive aspects of humanity, focused on life and not death, on those things that lift up instead of what tears down and apart.

We often hear about the indifference of city-dwellers to one another, and, I’m sure, there are many incidences of lack of concern for others in all parts of society. But people are people for good or bad.

I prefer to consider the best of words and actions. I assume no offense was meant unless there is further definitive proof. How much better our lives would be if we didn’t get angry over every word or assume something negative was meant when what transpired might have nothing to do with meaning to hurt intentionally.

When Keith and I drove to Bellevue to spend a week helping out our daughter Cassie and son-in-law with the grandkids due to work and Navy training schedules, we were relieved to arrive. However, the wind was scary. I certainly was going to need help even walking. Keith was going to try and assist. Cassie came out then to help me, but even then it was slow going against the fierce headwind.

Unexpectedly an elderly man came out of the apartment complex with a wheelchair. As he unfolded it, he said he’d seen us out of his window and that his wife also has problems walking in wind. Now I really hate sitting in a wheelchair, because doing so reminds me of all the times in the past I felt trapped in one when I was unable to walk.

This time though, I sighed with relief and sat down. In mere moments, we were safely inside the building and out of the wind. As I got up out of the wheelchair, we all profusely thanked our benefactor. We never got his name. In our time of need, a total stranger reached out.

We all. have stories like this. How much better to focus on these stories that lift up, than wallowing in negativity. A habit starts with thoughts. Why not choose to think about positive people, incidences, stories and even ways to reach out every day. Besides, changing our world doesn’t start with our leaders. It starts with you and me. Let’s choose to lift up—lighting a candle in a sea of negativity. What better time to start than during the Christmas holidays.

By Carolyn R Scheidies
Hub article title: Do Something Positive to Spark Change Published 12/2/2019

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