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Poetry: Christmas Truth

Christmas is more than a legend
Of a man with a Ho-Ho chuckle
All dressed up in white and red,
Who brings toys to good little girls and boys
Safely tucked into bed.

Christmas is more than colorful lights
That sparkle from windows and downtown stores,
And twinkle from Christmas trees.
Christmas is more than presents wrapped up with bows,
More than parties and feasts.

Christmas is our Creator-Lord who loved
So much He gave up His throne
Entering earth as a vulnerable baby,
To live as we but so much more, He died
In our place on Calvary’s tree.

Jesus is not the manger baby,
And more than the crucified Christ.
He is the God of all who offers you and me
Life if we do but one thing–Let Jesus save and set us free
To be all He created us to be…in Him.

By Carolyn R Scheidies

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