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America : I deal in hope

I deal in hope : Carolyn R Scheidies

Blog Celebrations Don’t Have to Be Big or Loud

Monday was Independence Day or as we usually call it, the 4th of July.” Over the years we’ve celebrated in many ways. When there was a big firework show at the fairgrounds, we attended with good friends Jeff & Gloria Geiselamn and our families. They had a pickup and we’d get into the back and settle in with snacks to watch the show.

When the Fredrickson family had reunions over the 4th, we’d watch fireworks or do some family activity, which included grilling and eating picnic-style–whether in the Black Hills or Manitou Springs. One year the Arch held its own fireworks show and we attended with brother and SIL, Paul and Lorene.

One of my fondest memories was the year we planned to go to the fairgrounds but didn’t quite make it. Keith usually didn’t get home from work until 9. Our family was hurrying north when we went over the overpass on H. We looked up and had an excellent view of the fireworks show that had already begun. Keith parked our car at the bottom. Keith and I, our kids Chris and Cassie walked up, and settled on top to watch the show. Not much later, Paul and Lorene, also late, drove onto the overpass. They saw and slowed. Instead of heading north, they parked and joined us. We had a great time together watching the fireworks without any of the hassle.

Some years when our kids were growing up, we bought our own fireworks and shot them off.

This year we were alone. No kids or grandkids. We celebrated quietly and together. I touched base with Facebook friends and family. We enjoyed our food and chose to watch a movie instead of watching fireworks. Unlike many who don’t seem to understand or care what the celebration is all about any more, we know the why of July 4th.

While not all is well with America, we are thankful for the country of freedom, faith, and family our parents and others fought for. It is also up to us not let falsehoods about our founding take the place of truth. We need to share the truth about the founders and the founding of America so that, however, we celebrate, we’ll still have a reason to celebrate our freedom, faith, and families.

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