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Politics: Trump speech article attracted reactions

Finding a more positive response than anger
Published Kearney Hub 3/12/2018
By Carolyn R Scheidies

I live in a red state, and I’m not simply referring to the Nebraska Huskers that dominates our lives during football season. I live in, probably, the most red district in Nebraska. With this in mind, some of the responses to my column surprised me. (For those who thought my column held too much opinion, my column is and has always been an opinion column.)

My article shared how many Democrats couldn’t even get behind standing up for the flag or celebrating American heroes. They objected to the idea that those who come to this country should be good, hard-working people who will contribute to our country and who truly desire to be Americans. To me this was sad. I also pointed out the office of the president should be respected, even if they didn’t care for the current elected president.

Many agreed. I have no idea of the political background of those who took the time to tell me they agreed with my article and agreed that the office should be respected.

Others took the time not so much to disagree with the article, but to articulate why they didn’t think President Trump embodied the characteristics of a good president. Such responses were respectful and thoughtful.

The ones that floored me were those whose hatred simply spilled over. One took me to task for standing up for President Trump. I was also sent a list of failures by President Trump that gave them reason to hate. I read the list and read it again. I was surprised anyone took it seriously. I was surprised because the list contained little of what I would consider verified truth. It was obviously written as a Get-Trump hit piece. The list contained little more than innuendos, rumors, assumptions, many items that have been disproved some time ago, out of context quotes and some just plain falsehoods.

Many claim they don’t believe what the media tells them or prints in newspapers, but such hit pieces tells me many do. Others never look beyond the “stuff” thrown in their faces and into their minds by those with an agenda. Few take the time to check out inflammatory information. Such so-called information inflames emotions and short-circuits rational thinking.

My caution to those who find themselves angry over what they hear or read is this. Study more than your brand of an issue. Read beyond the media or opinions that are often one-sided. Despite what you might think of either one of them, Obama and Trump are human beings. Neither has red horns or carries a pitchfork. Nor is either one in contention for a halo.

As I grew up, my pastor father said that unless we’re praying for those in authority, we have no right to criticize them. He was onto something. It is difficult to hate someone for whom we regularly pray. If you are a person of faith, remember anger is a choice. Let it go and start praying instead.

Furthermore prayer changes outcomes, often first in our own attitudes.Then, who knows….

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