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Poetry: New Year’s–A Time of Reevaluation

Sometimes I wonder…
What is the Christian faith all about anyway?
I’ve listened to and read Bible passages.
Memorized a verse two or three.
Somewhat paid attention to a sermon or two,
But didn’t always seemed aimed at me.
My faith? Guess it’s half-hearted at best these days.
I’m realizing how little I truly know
About God’s truth and my faith,
And the Christ I say I follow along life’s way.
I’m beginning to understand life isn’t all about me,
But about Jesus, the Savior, who lived, died at Calvary.
Who rose again to offer hope and life to you, to me
Maybe it’s time to learn what I believe and why.
Time to read God’s Word and hear His voice within.
Time to ask Jesus to guide my life.
In the New Year, maybe it’s time
I start to truly follow Him.

By Carolyn R Scheidies
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