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Devotion Our True Treasure—Ticket to Heaven

Isaiah 33:6 (GW) He will be the foundation of your future. The riches of salvation are wisdom and knowledge. The fear of the LORD is your treasure.

We think of salvation in the singular. It is an escape hatch from hell. It is a pass to heaven. But as this passage reveals, salvation is much more.

Only as we know God can we have knowledge and know true wisdom. For salvation comes from God. Our salvation means we’ve accepted what God in Christ has done for us, have invited Him to live within and to take control of our lives.

God is truth and knowledge and wisdom. If He lives in us and impacts our mind, soul and spirit, we also access all He is, which includes truth and knowledge and wisdom.

All other so-called knowledge and wisdom is shallow at best and false at worst.

Knowing and growing in relationship to God offers treasures that last forever. That is our true ticket to Heaven.

By Carolyn R Scheidies
From First I Bow

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