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Devotion Looking Up—Appreciating the simple things

This is the day that the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
–Psalm 118:24 (Read: Psalm 118)

Laurie awoke to the sounds of Alex and Amy screaming insults at each other from the living room.Raising a tired hand to her pounding forehead, she turned to speak to Jeff, but he groaned and buried his
head in the pillow.

With a sigh, Laurie gritted her teeth and pushed herself from under the cozy covers. Another Saturday morning had begun. For her, it was the worst day of the week. Whatever her intentions, she usually accomplished little and spent the day grumbling.

“Alex! Amy!” Laurie yelled, as she steamed into the living room–before she realized silence reigned.

“SHH!” Both children whispered in perfect unison. Fingers to lips for silence, they motioned her to join them at the bay window that looked over their lush lawn, that needed mowing, and their garden.

Amy whispered, “Look!” Eyes wide, she pointed toward the scene being enacted on the narrow sill on the other side of the glass. Stepping between her children, Laurie beheld a common little Robin preening its feathers. That accomplished, the Robin flew to a large upper branch of the nearest oak tree and began to chirp.

“Mama.” Alex’s voice still held wonder. “Wasn’t that the best? I never realized how pretty a little bird was.”

A lump formed in Laurie’s throat. She hugged her precious children close, the children that angered such a short time before. A rush of gratitude brought a smile to her lips. Even in the midst of their squabbling, they hadn’t missed this special moment of God’s creation.

She was reminded that even in the dullness of daily routine, even in less than ideal circumstances, evenwhen tired, hurt, angry–God revealed His presence. Laurie swallowed and bowed her head as her children headed to their rooms to dress.

In her anger and bad attitude, she’d missed so much about weekends with her family. She forgot to take time to rest, relax, refresh and take time to notice the small wonders of creation, and the blessings she had with her family. Time for an attitude adjustment. From now on she was going to give thanks, even for Saturdays.

Lord, help me remember to allow You to stay in control of my life and to take priority in my daily schedule. Help me take time for You, for family and for the small and large wonders revealed around me each day. Most of all, help me to remember to be grateful. Amen.

Monday: Matthew 7:7-11
Tuesday: Matthew 12:33-37
Wednesday: Psalm 19
Thursday: I Peter 3:8-14
Friday: Genesis 1
Saturday: Psalm 37:1-11

By Carolyn R Scheidies
From Listen! Who Me?

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