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Recently we attended our youngest grandchild’s 4th birthday celebration. I took lots of pictures. The celebration guests were family, cousins, little friends, and their parents.

Zeke isn’t just into dinosaurs, he knows the different names. If you show him a picture of a dinosaur and say, this is a dinosaur.” He’ll say, “No, that’s a..” and provide the specific name of that particular dinosaur. It is the same for trucks and construction equipment. He’s four! No wonder his cake was topped with construction equipment and dinosaurs.

Of course, he received toys he enjoyed from trucks, including remote-controlled ones, to a walking, roaring dinosaur. There was much laughter and smiles as he opened his gifts, said thank you, and gave hugs to the giver.

Overall, the party wasn’t about cake or gifts. It was people who cared about coming together to bring joy to a little boy. The house was filled with joy. Zeke shared with his sister and his guests.

There was joy in that house. We love to visit and not only for birthdays or holidays. The home is filled with smiles and joy. A testament to parents who love and share Jesus, who is the embodiment of joy.

We are blessed. I am thankful true strength isn’t in bullying others or in focusing on things instead of individuals. Strength comes from a joy that radiates from deep inside as we follow Jesus as Lord, Savior, Friend and guide.

God’s Word says it best. “The joy of the Lord is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10c

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