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At one time the Kinsey report was considered the last word in human sexuality. Yet, years ago the report was revealed to be a fraud. It was anything but scientific.

What I hadn’t realized was the depth of evil Kinsey and his cohorts stooped to. I knew the report was skewed because he used prison inmates in the study of normal/average experiences and responses. I didn’t realize the horrors children, even babies suffered.

Kinsey reported children experience orgasms from birth. He reported orgasms in children. He actually used pedophiles to rape young children—repeatedly. These men were taught how to write up the results of these rapes in scientific terms. Of course, they reported the children enjoyed the experience.

Kinsey used these so-called findings to fight for laws that released these predators with a slap on the wrist. He said sexual molestation of children actually helped their sexual development and the problem was not the rapist predators, but parents and police trying to protect the children.

What was not asked was his definition of orgasm in children. Now we know. He said it was when these kids cried, screamed, and tried to get away from their partners (read rapists). Some even went into convulsions. He called these orgasms. Any sane person would call these children tortured, traumatized who were trying to escape a horrific situation.

Worse. These predators were allowed to assault not only children but also babies. Yes, babies. It’s all in his charts. Over a full day a four-month, that’s right a four-month-old baby was repeatedly assaulted. So-called orgasms were numerous leaving little time for this infant to have time to sleep or eat. Consider the body of a four-month-old and the repeated invasions from an adult male. Think of the enormous pain and, most likely, physical damage done.

These kids were subjected to graphic portrayals of sex. It makes me think of the books many school and public libraries are offering young children today.

Kinsey was a monster who did a lot to convince state governments to soften laws of protection of women and children. He lied and we’re still picking up the pieces that began with his horror show of the repeated rape and assault of helpless children. And he had the audacity to declare these screaming children enjoyed it.

Where were parents, protection for these kids? We know graphic depictions are used by pedophiles to groom children for sexual assault. I have to wonder about school officials, teachers, and even pastors who are fighting to get this material into our schools and available to kids. Are they simply a modern version of Kinsey? Pretty frightening. Are we going to allow Kinsey’s evil to continue to assault our children? Or will we stand up and insist such material has no place in our schools?

Kinsey destroyed the innocence of hundreds of kids. Are we going to protect our own now or allow public schools and libraries to destroy the innocence of our children by allowing pornographic material that grooms our children for sexual assault?

It starts with doing our own research, being involved in what our children and grandchildren are being taught, and what they are reading or being shown in media presentations. It is also important to vote for school boards and others in authority who truly care about our kids. What will you do?

I recommend watching Kinsey Syndrome.

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