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Last evening when Keith and I headed to Perkins Restaurant to meet with Keith’s YMCA Livestrong cancer group it was 80 degrees. Hard to believe since mornings are still cold.

We ate, talked and caught up with each other’s lives. I was new to the group, attending to support Keith. Only four of the original group showed. They speculated how much longer the informal gatherings would last. Livestrong was a good program at the YMCA, working with the special needs of cancer survivors and those, like Keith, in ongoing treatment. The group grew close, but now..who knows.

Some, like Keith, continue to exercise. But all had benefits from the program. For all that, there was another focus—weather.

The lovely warm weather that graced Nebraska after after the devastating rain storms, was an illusion. Spring has not arrived—yet.

Nope. Already have storm warnings showing up on my iPad. Ordered groceries yesterday. Good thing, too. That snow storm hits tomorrow evening with snow, ice and high winds. Oh my! Just what Nebraska needs.

We’re hunkering down and staying put during the storm. And if the power goes out, we have lanterns and candles and lots of print books.

Love the availability of digital books and I read many that way, but there is no substitute for holding and turning the real pages of a print book.

Find a print book to enjoy today.

You could checkout mine.



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