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Blog: That Which is Going Around and Around

I caught it at Christmas. A cold. Haven’t had one in at least five years and this one’s is for the books. You get a cold, sniffle, blow the nose a lot, feel awful for a few days and it’s done.

Not this cold. No. Just when you think you’re getting better, all those symptoms cycle back again—only worse than before. I see enough of doctors and do not run into the office for every minor thing. In fact, I am not, even with more serious things, anxious to go in.

But after days of flowing out the nose and spitting up gunk and constantly coughing, it happened. Yesterday I coughed so hard and long and there was so much stuff, I ended up unable to breathe, wheezing, couldn’t catch my breath. Rather scary actually.

I’ve been drinking water and herbal tea. Been all but over-dosing on vitamin C and liberally using a Vick’s knock-off. I can’t take most pain meds or cough syrup.

But enough is enough. I called my doctor. She found a product I could actually get down—taken once a day. Bless her.

I am still coughing and blowing, but it is better and I did get some sleep last night. I pray that after the four days I have with this medication, the cold will have finally run it’s course. I am supposed to substitute teach a Sunday School class Sunday.

My point, don’t be to stubborn or independent to seek help when needed whether for physical, emotional or spiritual help.

By Carolyn R Scheidies



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