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2019 Scheidies’ Spring Fling Great Grampa Jiggs with Ezekiel Hungerford

The last weekend of April the Scheidies get together. It is a time of food and fellowship and catching up with each other’s lives and families. It is a time for greetings and hugs, to meet the newest and youngest members of the family and simply enjoy being together.

Saturday we start the weekend by gathering at the farm that has been in the Scheidies family well over 100 years. One of Keith’s brothers, Randy and Nancy and family, live on the farm now and welcome the rest of the family to the home the siblings grew up in.

Potluck is the order of the day with Nancy providing some basics. We eat. We laugh. Eat some more. Some play cards. Kids with adult supervision go outside to see and pet the donkeys, dogs, cats and other assorted animals. The women talk about brunch the next morning at Dad’s home in Minden, ironing out time and making sure there will be enough food.

The next morning we gather at Dad’s home. I’ve taken on providing plates, cups, utensils, and napkins. Others bring a variety of casseroles, pastries, bacon, and sausage. Leftovers from the night before offer even more variety.

Keith’s Dad is ensconced in his big chair. After brunch we take pictures. Great Grampa Jiggs is surrounded by his great-grandchildren.

This year was different. I think it is the coldest Scheidies Spring Fling we have ever had. Sister-in-law Lisa and I remembered back only a few short years. Mom was still with us then. The day was one of those perfect days with plants, trees and flowers in bloom. While the weather was warm, a slight breeze made the temperature perfect. Most spent the day in the backyard.

It was a day conversation lagged as we relaxed and enjoyed the weather. My daughter sighed. “I hate to leave.” But the time was approaching when things were put away, packed up, good-bye hugs given and families got into their cars–some heading east to Lincoln and Omaha, others heading west to Colorado. Those who lived closest, like Keith and I, stayed a while longer, hating to see the time end.

Mom is gone now and Dad lives at Bethany Home. He keeps his home for our get-togethers and for a place to stay for those who visit.

We live with change, but that doesn’t stop us from making memories, showing the next generation a family who like each other, love one another and actually enjoy spending time together.

One of my good memories this year, and there were many, was little Mason (who was just starting to get around at our last family gathering the weekend after Thanksgiving) arms wide going round and round to those of us sitting in the living room giving out hugs, then making the round again and again.

I am grateful for a loving, caring family who doesn’t let go even when families lose loved ones, grow and change.

By Carolyn R Scheidies  2019

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