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Blog: Retirement, surprises, family, friends and reaching out : I deal in hope

I deal in hope : Carolyn R Scheidies

Blog: Retirement, surprises, family, friends and reaching out

The last week of August was different for Keith and me. He had retired the first of August and we were, and are, still adjusting to this time in his life. But the last week of August we were half a country apart.

Our son Chris had a conference in Las Vegas. Once he knew about his conference, he decided he wanted to give his dad a very special retirement gift. That gift was to accompany him to Las Vegas. For months Chris planned what they would do together. He wouldn’t tell me much of anything saying I’d probably “spill the beans.” He’s probably right because I would have been so excited about the plans he’d made.

Saturday the 25th, Keith drove to Chris’ home in Lincoln. I think he knew he’d be going to a concert because Chris plays with a 90’s cover band. He didn’t know daughter Cassie would be coming down from Omaha to join he and Chris’ kids in attending the concert and get to hear the band. The next morning Chris and Keith flew to Las Vegas.

During the week, they saw Penn and Teller, David Copperfield, the Hoover Dam and much more as well as got to eat in interesting restaurants. So many of the things Keith never thought he’d see or experience came true that week. They made a lifetime of memories. Keith didn’t get home until the next Friday, tired but happy.

Of course, there was a concern for me being home alone. My friends and family wondered what would happen should I fall, especially since I am still recovering from a fall in which I broke my elbow. But it turned out to be a good week for me as well. My neighbor and friend Rachel brought in my mail and spent time with me as she could. When she was unable to come over for the mail, her sister Angela stopped by. My friend Gloria brought lunch on Wednesday. My sister who lives in Kansas called me once a day and my sister-in-law Lorene checked in with me late at night. Of course, my daughter Cassie called. Keith called me every day to let me know what surprises Chris had sprung the day before.

In fact, I had no time to be lonely that week. If I had fallen, I would have been rescued in due time. I am grateful for family and friends who took the time to be there for me. Motivates me to want to do the same for someone else.

I think of such willingness to be there for me and feel sorry for those who pretend they don’t need or want help. I feel sorry for those who focus on “Me” instead of discovering the satisfaction of reaching out to those who with a need. That need may only be a word, a phone call or something more. But what a difference we can make. Self Centeredness doesn’t bring, goodness or joy or peace. What does bring inner satisfaction and joy is reaching out to go that second mile. It also means allowing others to help when there is a need.

Thanks to family and friends for reaching out.

9/24/2018 Published in Kearney Hub as “Life full of surprises, warmth when others reach out”

By Carolyn R Scheidies

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