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snow : I deal in hope

I deal in hope : Carolyn R Scheidies

Blog Choices today matter tomorrow

I woke up to a world of beautiful white snow as far as I can see—lawn, park, and school grounds on the other side of Collins Park. When I was a child, snow drew me outside to make snowmen and snow angels. This snow, though it didn’t appear real deep, did not tempt me.

Much of the day I hear something bang against the roof and windows—and it wasn’t soft fluffy snowflakes. What I heard on into the night was cold, hard sleet. The day before I heard warnings of what this storm was bringing. Though we were warned we might lose power, that, thankfully, did not happen.

As I look outside I am not tempted to go out. In fact, we’ll stay warm and safe inside. Though snow may tempt, sleet does not. This lovely snow hides something deadly. Under that particular snow is a coating of ice. With the overcast skies and temperatures, I doubt much will melt quickly, making this even more a potential for disastrous falls and accidents.

Life is often like our deceptive snow. What appears harmless may well cover up something that can alter a life forever—and not for the better. A small white lie can rebound into hurting you or someone else. Taking something, even a small, something can lead one into making negative choices. The truth is the more negative decisions one makes the easier it is to make the next bad choice. A man checks out porn and then more. He gets too cozy with another employee or friend, sharing things and feelings that should be shared with a spouse.

Dinner. Lying to a spouse. One step at a time and trust is broken, hearts are shattered, and marriage is destroyed with kids as collateral damage. Media and movies excuse such behavior, often mocking the sanctity of marriage. Even filling our minds with such negativity makes it easier to excuse bad and dishonest choices.

Instead of skirting the edges of disaster by giving in to temptation that appears beautiful and inviting, we can remind ourselves of the slippery path we’re choosing. We can strive to be honest and persons of integrity in all we do, think, and say. As making one wrong choice makes the next wrong easier, so choosing the path of integrity makes the next positive choice easier as well.

Faith can help us make those positive choices that lift up instead of destroying our lives, reputations and families. This year, what path will we choose?

© 2023 Carolyn R Scheidies
Column published 2023 February 8
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