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Blog: From Thanksgiving to Thankmas and Giving Thanks

Note: November 2019: This is especially true this year, because we lost my brother Paul last January to a massive heart attack. The picture is of sister Karin, brother Paul and me in the hat on my birthday January 24, 2018.

2017 November 27 Monday:

Thanksgiving Day Keith & I and my brother Paul and wife Lorene ate Thanksgiving dinner at Ruby Tuesday. No turkey, I’m afraid. Paul wasn’t too happy about that, but they offered good food. Mostly, I like our Ruby Tuesday because they offer far more than a gluten and sensitivity free menu. With all my sensitivities, eating out can be a hassle. But we choose to eat at this restaurant most of the time because the kitchen staff knows my particular sensitivities and usual order.

In fact, recently when a new waitress came to our table and I started to explain, she waved a hand.  She said, “They explained in the kitchen.” What a relief! (Besides, I have my sister-in-law hooked on their mashed potatoes.)

In the evening, Paul and Lorene came over and we played board games (especially Quirkle) and ate Paul’s wonderful homemade ice cream.

Friday afternoon, our daughter Cassie, husband Kurt and our 9-month-old littlest granddaughter Ellery arrived. They left her with us overnight so they could have some alone time, something they don’t get much of these days. They had a date night.

Saturday evening everyone headed to the Scheidies’ farm for the first part of our Scheidies family Thankmas weekend. (Thanksgiving, Christmas and Keith’s dad’s birthday are celebrated in one weekend.) By the time Dad, Keith and his siblings and families gather, we’re a houseful of hugs, conversation, and laughter. Only a few who had to work did not make the gathering. We ate and ate, had the kids open their gifts–total chaos, talked, planned and some started playing cards.

By ten o’clock Keith and I were done. We gathered up our older grandkids–Chris’ kids Dane 15 and Tori 13 (17-year-old Devon had to work)–and headed home since the grandkids stay with us. Bed sounded pretty good. We were up in good time the next morning so the kids and I got some time to talk before we headed to dad’s house in Minden.

It was brunch at dad’s house in Minden with all of us contributing. I brought chips, cubed cheese, plates, cups, and utensils. I couldn’t eat much more than what I brought for food but bacon and it was delicious.  All about food, fellowship and playing games. But time flew by and some of the Colorado crew headed for home. Little by little others said their goodbyes and headed for home either east or west. Eventually, we said our goodbyes as well.

Another Thanksgiving over.

That evening Keith and I went to a viewing for an old friend, Lois Lawhead, whose kids are our ages. Their Thanksgiving was much different from ours. They lost their dear mother. It reminds me to take time for my family and my friends because while we can trust Jesus to take care of us, we aren’t promised tomorrow.

So I will savor the memories of this Thanksgiving and give thanks.

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