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Poetry Worn Out and Stressed

I am tired,
Worn out by daily stress
Business affairs
Hives and health concerns.
Time running away.
I stop.

Where am I headed?
Why am I so stressed?
Am I spending my time wisely?
Do I make a difference?
Who reads what I spend so much time and effort writing?
Where did I leave time with Him?

I need to rest. Reassess.
Reorganize my time, priorities, life,
Release my hold, release the stress, refocus…
Ask God for His plan and purpose, not mine
That I might make the best use
Of the time, moments God has given me,

Focus on following and letting go.
Finding relief and rest
Perspective changes everything
When Jesus is my center I make a difference.
What I am, do matters.

Choose to let go my stress
…..and wait on Him,
Realizing He’s got this and
That, when my time has come,
He’ll say, “Well done,
“My good and faithful one.”

© 2021 Carolyn R Scheidies

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