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I deal in hope : Carolyn R Scheidies

Blog: Good Memories: Thanksgiving from 2016 November 28

Wow! What a Thanksgiving holiday we had. Thursday Keith and I drove to Omaha and checked into our hotel. It seemed we scarcely got settled when daughter and SIL Cassie and Kurt picked us up for Tim and Lisa’s house since they hosted the Scheidies family “Thankmas” this year. (A combination of Thanksgiving and Christmas.)

Usually, our big fall get-together is the weekend after Thanksgiving on the family farm and in Minden. This year Keith’s dad’s 91st birthday actually fell on Thanksgiving. And, since this was the first Thanksgiving without Keith’s mom, we decided to gather in Omaha.

Lots of laughter, games, gifts, food and catching up.

Keith and I left maybe at 9 or after. (Kurt took us back to our hotel.) He and Cassie lasted until midnight. Many had marathon card games going on and crashed at Tim and Lisa’s. Others left throughout the evening and night to stay with Anne or Rhonda.

The next morning we gathered at Rhonda’s for brunch. More food and fellowship…and goodbyes as we went our ways. Kurt and Keith headed to their place. Chris followed. Cassie and I shopped a while. Chris had a business appointment. The rest of us met for lunch and then to Cassie & Kurt’s for the day…and the awful Husker football games. Groan!!!

Later we played games before heading to bed. We left for home the next morning.

Last night, my brother Paul and wife Lorene came over for dessert and Quirkle. Lorene won one. I won the second. YIPPEE!

Now time to get back into a normal routine. Made good memories this holiday.

By Carolyn R Scheidies

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