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Blog: New Family Practice location leads to memories about Bob’s Superstore

The other day when Keith and I both had appointments with our primary physicians at Family Practice Associates, we didn’t head up to north Kearney as usual. Sounds strange since we’d been seeing doctors at Family Practice since before we were married. This time, instead of going north, we headed to a another familiar location much closer to home–the old Bob Superstore location on Highway 30. It felt both weird and right to be seeing our doctors at a place where we once came so often to buy groceries or other things.

Inside the building, I glanced around. I knew the building had been gutted, but there was no hint of the old store. The walls were new and the place had the faint smell of paint. Gone were the shelves of bread, mixes, cereal and about anything else a person might shop for, including some of the best and most reasonably priced gift bags around. (I often sent friends there for gift bags.)

Bob’s Superstore was the place to go for many, many things besides groceries. Bob’s had sewing supplies and crafts, even baking pans and supplies. There toys for the kids, books and magazines, even frames, pictures, cameras and all the items to go with photography. There were decorations, and gift items, purses, hats and some clothing. The store had a wonderful flower department and offered gardening items in the spring. Long before Wal-mart came to town, Bob’s Superstore was the place to go if you had an eclectic mix of items on your grocery list.

That included the eating facility that drew an older crowd who loved drinking their coffee and sampling the delicious fare. There were times we’d stop by the deli before checking out to pick up something to go because we were pressed for time.

I loved shopping at Bob’s. Invariably, Keith or I would run into old friends, sometimes those we hadn’t seen in sometimes, and stopped to chat. The store was warm and inviting. When gluten became a problem for me, I didn’t have to switch stores. Bob’s was one of the first in Kearney to offer a host of gluten-free products.

But finally, with all the other stores in town and with Hy Vee coming to town, I understood why the owner decided it was time to call it quits. What I hated to see was going by and seeing that most of the building sat empty. It felt sad. Then I heard Family Practice Associates was moving into the building.

As I signed into Family Practice that morning, the woman on the other side of the desk and I reminisced about the old store. But it is gone and I am glad our family doctors are now not only closer to where we live, but also occupying a building that holds good memories. I wish Family Practice well in their new location.

Published in Kearney Hub 11/20/2017

By Carolyn R Scheidies

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