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Blog: Reflections Between Christmas and New Year 2017

Had to believe Christmas is almost a week in the past already. Our Christmas left good memories in their wake. For the first time n several years both our children were able to be home for Christmas.

Even better, it was our youngest grandchild, Ellery’s first Christmas. What can be better than that? We did miss our older grandchildren, but sent their gifts back with their dad. (Maybe next year?)

Still we ate, talked, shared and had a blast watching Ellery open her gifts. Mom opened and Ellery got to see them—especially the new celery stuffed animal from her Uncle Chris.

That was Christmas Eve which has always been Christmas for me. Christmas Day we brought dinner to Keith’s dad in Minden and Cassie and Chris got to spend time with their grandfather—Grampa Jiggs. Cassie caught a great picture of Ellery on Great Grampa Jigg’s lap.

Then the weekend was over. Christmas isn’t quite over for us yet. Tonight we’ll do Christmas here with my brother Paul and Lorene. Looking forward to time, gifts and games with them.

New Year’s Eve comes next. No wild parties for us. Just snacks and games with our close friends, Jeff and Gloria. We’ve been in each other’s lives for so long, our kids thought they had two sets of parents when they grew up.

We look forward to time with good friends.

Look forward to all the adventures the New Year will bring and giving thanks that whatever comes I can trust that God’s got this.


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