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Politics: Why we need home and national security : I deal in hope

I deal in hope : Carolyn R Scheidies

Politics: Why we need home and national security

Years ago, many of us in Kearney often headed out for a walk, to the park, shopping or church without thinking twice about leaving our doors unlocked. We didn’t worry much about criminals stopping in to help themselves. For the most part, our neighbors were trustworthy and we watched out for one another.

But times change. More and more cars and homes were invaded by those seeking to steal and destroy. What they destroyed most of all was the sense of safety and security of Kearney residents. The police department made it clear that residents needed to get into the habit of locking their doors. Now it has become a habit.

Most people lock their doors because it provides security. Many also add home security systems. We lock up because we want to keep ourselves and our families safe. From what? From those who take advantage of unlocked homes and businesses. They want to steal what we worked hard for. They may wish simply destroy property. Safety means not letting just anyone into our homes–sleeping in our beds, eating our food and making themselves at home. We certainly want to screen out those who might cause us harm or otherwise take advantage.

Yet, many who have the best home security systems on the market don’t seem to comprehend that the reasoning for safety precautions at our homes is the same reasoning for protecting our borders. It is for the protection, safety and security of our nation–our citizens, our children. Vetting those who come across our borders means we can “lock out” those with criminal records, those who will end up hurting or murdering innocent citizens, who have little regard for our laws and seek to game our system without any intention of becoming productive citizens.

Those who come here legally are not separated from their children. Those who do not come legally need to be vetted. Too many adults use children to get into our country. They are not related. Separation helps those in charge ascertain who the parents really are. I heard a report they are even using DNA kits for that purpose. Some of these children have been terribly abused on their trek here–by the adults bringing them. Children are raped, repeatedly, and otherwise abused. We do not want these children to be put back into the care of their abusers.

Many detention centers provide better care for many of these little ones than they’ve ever known before: medical care, a place to sleep, clothes, warmth and caregivers who are doing their best. The system is far from perfect, but it isn’t as many in the media portray either. Before we start throwing stones because the media uses often false or twisted information to pluck our heartstrings, let’s look a little deeper.

Protecting our borders shouldn’t be based on emotion, but on reality and rationality. Border problems did not start with President Trump who is seeking to actually follow laws already in place, while telling Congress to “fix” the laws they passed years ago. In fact, many of those screaming the loudest helped pass those laws. Time we tell Congress to do just that–protect our borders to protect our citizens, but protect these vulnerable children as well–sometimes from the very adults trying to bring them into this country.

By Carolyn R Scheidies

Published in Kearney Hub as Protecting our borders shouldn’t be based on emotion, but on reality and rationality. 09/10/18

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