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Poetry: Next Week

I’m calling you my child,
To share my message clear.

“Yes, Lord, yes. But first I must
Get the children off to school.”

I call you apart to listen,
For focus and direction.

“All right, Lord. But…
Today I have those three meetings to attend.”

Write a note to your neighbor,
Who has lost a son, and…

“Oh, Lord, not that!
You know I just don’t know what to say.”

What about a letter or post to
Let your friend know you’re there and that you care.

“I can do that, Lord. I’ll get to it in a week or so.
She’ll understand.”

I want YOU to write for ME,
Using the talent I have given.

“I plan to do that, but…
I haven’t the time right now.”

My child, do you REALLY wish to obey me?
Really WANT to heed my call?

“Of course, but, well. Now that You ask…
I’ll be a whole lot less busy–Next week!”

By Carolyn R Scheidies
From Especially for the Christian Writer

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