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Devotions In the Beginning—God

Almost every “science” program, the schojol science books, books in history and literature as well as popular fiction and nonfiction touts the glory of man. Look what we’ve accomplished! Most of these books are based on an evolutionary concept–that man “evolved” and was not created by a loving Lord.

It doesn’t matter that most evolutionary theories (and, yes, evolution is a theory), in whole or in part, have been discredited over the years. Discredited theories are then replaced with new theories or different spins on older theories. New theories are required to fill in gaps in older theories and to make changes due to the newest archaeological findings.

Many evolutionists themselves see the fallacy of holding on to evolutionary concepts religiously. This does not halt the belief in or the teaching of evolution–even to denigrating those who disagree. Evolution is a handy way to shove faith out of the way and claim that humans can pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.

Many eastern, new wave and other philosophies are evolutionary in nature. Many start with a man-as-god concept who progresses through different stages of development, which in some cases, includes reincarnation–getting better and better each stage.

Christianity is unique. Even the word for our faith is God-centered, not man-centered. Religion is man reaching out to a nebulous something out there somewhere, working toward perfection. With Christianity, a loving Heavenly Father reaches down to His creation to draw those He created into a relationship with Him.

In the beginning–God. The Christian God is real and personal. He interacts with us and in our lives because He genuinely cares for those He created. Jesus cared enough to leave behind His glory to come to earth as a human being. He experienced the same things we experience every day, yet He chose not to do wrong.

He came to live and to die a martyr’s death that He could take our place. We make bad choices. We do bad things. There are negative consequences for these sinful decisions. But, Jesus, by dying on the cross, sacrificed Himself for you, for me. He took our consequences.

He didn’t only die. He conquered death that He could offer life forever to you and me. Accepting His offer is a choice–my choice. I don’t have to flagellate myself or go on long pilgrimages or bow to the sun and moon. I don’t have to chant nonsense mumble-jumbo to curry the favor of a distant god. What I do have to do is come to Jesus and accept the gift Jesus offers–the gift of salvation, forgiveness and life.

I already know I am not god. Pulling myself up by my own bootstraps only results in frustration and failure. I don’t become worthy through religion or a man-centered evolutionary “science.” I am worthy because Jesus created and loves me. As I follow Him, He comes in and guides me to the best life possible—an abundant life of comfort, light, truth and hope.

Thank you, Lord, that I don’t have to do or believe all sorts of strange things to get Your attention. Thank You that You love me–just the way I am. Amen.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.–Genesis 1:1 (KJV)

By Carolyn R Scheidies
From Listen! Who Me?

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