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Devotion The People of God Shall be Strong

…but the people that know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.
–Daniel 11:32b (KJV)

In today’s society, surrounded by material possessions, untold entertainment and the pressure to keep our faith to ourselves, many of us are all-too- willing to do just that. Sharing Christ can be embarrassing, even detrimental, to our work or school environment and even for friendships.

We often go about our daily lives, leaving Jesus for Sunday and church and not much else. We’re very good at hiding our light.

But God is not the God of apathy, fear or inaction. He calls us to be strong and do exploits in His name. He clearly calls on us to fight the evil forces around us, and to speak and stand up for what is truth and good and right for ourselves, our family and for our culture. Jesus calls on us, not to hide away, but to show forth His word and His light and to make a difference in the world for Him.

This is the time to stand. This is the time to hide God’s Word in our hearts and let Jesus direct us into taking action as God’s people. This is the time to work against the forces of darkness and evil that seek to destroy our nation, our culture and our families.

It is time to stand against the forces that seek to destroy the most vulnerable among us from the pre-born baby to the helpless, elderly, and the disabled. We need to stand against forces that teach that life does not have intrinsic value.

This is the time to stand, before another holocaust sends evil agents to your door, because this time it is your life that is forfeit.

Such a future doesn’t need to happen today or tomorrow if God’s people will fill their hearts and minds with His Word and power and stand strong in faith and trust against evil–evil often parading as tolerance or an alternate lifestyle or some other politically correct view.

Such action must start with a right relationship with Jesus Christ, move to earnest prayer for our families and nation, and then wait for God’s guidance and direction. We will only be successful if we fight in His will, His time and in His way.

Help me, Lord, be informed and sensitive to the issues of the day. Help me to view them from your perspective, not mine by meditating on Your Word. Also, give me the courage to speak up and stand firm for righteousness and truth, no matter what, but do so in truth–and love. Amen.

Meditations: Read Psalm 28
Monday: Mark 11:15—19; Proverbs 1:7
Tuesday: Proverbs 8:13, 12:1; 16:2-3 Proverbs 17:15, 18:5; 25:5,11 Wednesday: Psalm 18:1-6, 17-24, 32
Thursday: Jonah 1-2
Friday: Jonah 3-4
Saturday: Psalm 40

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