I deal in hope :



Especially for the Christian Writer (Print)

Especially for the Christian Writer (Kindle)

Fantasy-Adventure Romance: The Darkan Conspiracy

Kids & Young Adult
Where is Cat?   Kindle
I’ll Fly Away Little Blue Car
The Day Secretariat Won The Triple Crown
Summer Journal: The Rescue
Sagebrush Kindle
Tale of the Oregon Trail
Threads of Time

Fiction Historical romance
Confederate Valentine
DEENA: Face of Fear  
A Season for Joy
From The Ashes
Secret of Cambraige Castle
Lord Leister’s Rescue

A Maid of Honor: Kindle

A Maid of Honor: Print

Fiction Romance
The Austen Addiction
Beyond Fear 
The Blue Sapphire
Thundering Heart
Reunion At Thunder Lake
Snapshots of Murder
When Murder Wakes
Katalina-Catalyst to Murder

First I Bow
Tales of a Simpler Time
How Do I Love Thee
Help! I’m A New Mother

The God Connection
Journey of Faith
When It Hurts
Heart of Christmas

Barrington Saga: Historical Fiction           
To Keep Faith
Where Hope Abides
Second Chance for Charity
And Then There Was Grace

Harlequin Regency Romance Series:
The Proper Guardian
The Earl’s Ward
The Lady’s Hero

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