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Blog Unplanned : I deal in hope

I deal in hope : Carolyn R Scheidies

Blog Unplanned

When Hubby and I went to Unplanned, we didn’t expect to be entertained. We knew the subject matter. We’d also listened to an interview with both Abby and the actress who played her in the movie. Abby’s story can’t help but strike a chord of how we can get our thinking turned around and rationalize the most awful things.

It is amazing how we can rationalize the destruction of preborn babies—babies who are fully human and capable of feeling intense pain when chopped up with as little thought as someone who cuts firewood. Why? Fear? Convenience? Intimidation? To keep a relationship? Or simply believing lies expressed by the abortion industry. Make no mistake, abortion providers, especially Planned Parenthood, is a big, a huge business, with one main goal—killing babies. (Not women’s health care as they try to make you believe.)

Then you have most of the Democrats in Washington who are moved to protect dogs and cats but refuse to pass a law that any baby born alive from an abortion will not be protected. Some of those who refused to vote for this common sense and humane law want to make it legal for parents to actually decide—after the birth of their own baby– whether or not to allow their child to live.

This is not only barbaric, but it is also an evil that would make even some Nazi’s think twice. These are some of the people we the people are now electing to places of power. Where are the rights of these helpless babies? As far as a woman’s right to choose, what rights do these female children have to even live?

God is the God of life, not death. Freedom is about valuing life. There is no freedom without a people, culture, and government that values and protects the life of its citizens.

For those who have been part of this evil, there is hope and forgiveness—as there was for Abby in Unplanned. God is not only the God of life but also of love and forgiveness.

Please take the time to see this movie. It is real; it is intense and it is a movie of hope.
By Carolyn R Scheidies

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