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Blog: Spring vs Winter, Warm vs freeze

Spring never comes easily. It comes in fits and starts and growls and howls from a Winter season not yet ready to let go. Here it is April, and we haven’t even considered switching off the furnace for air conditioning. The heat still clicks on too regularly to even think of turning it off. Feels good to stand on the vents when that heat is released.

Still have lots of covers on the bed and I am still wearing my Winter nighttime attire. This week we’ve had some gloomy days, high winds which keeps us glad we are indoors, and, today cold, cutting rain that hit the windows more like ice than rain.

Reminds me of April 1980. A couple of days before my first child was born, we had a huge blizzard. When I went to the hospital, snow was still piled all over. Two days later, it grew so warm outside the nurses opened the windows. Spring had finally arrived.

We don’t know when Winter will release its hold. Spring seldom arrives gradually. One day it is freezing cold, then next the sun warms the earth–encouraging leaves to bud, grass to grow, and flowers to bloom, adding their beauty and fragrance.

There is something about not knowing. And yet, I am ready for green grass and yellow flowers—even if those flowers are only dandelions. I am ready for Spring. How about you?

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