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Blog: Scheidies Spring Fling–the blessing of family : I deal in hope

I deal in hope : Carolyn R Scheidies

Blog: Scheidies Spring Fling–the blessing of family

Published in the Kearney Hub 5/21/18 as Family time a true blessing

A few years ago, the Scheidies Spring Fling, held the last weekend in April, was warm and sunny. Saturday at the farm was filled with laughter, catching-up, conversation, food and games. The next day at the folk’s home in Minden, the sun warmed the back porch and yard with just enough breeze to keep the air from being too warm. It was a lazy kind of day.

Keith’s mom was still with us then, and the day was perfect with lots of family pictures, food and fellowship. Lots of laughter, then times of silence, the good kind. My daughter said what most of us were feeling, “I almost hate to go home.” It was the best Scheidies weekend.

But life doesn’t stop. Even though Mom is gone, we continue to hold our Scheidies’ gatherings as she started them–two gatherings a year away from holidays and at the same time each year so everyone can make plans. Of course, not everyone manages to get away even then. There are five original siblings who married, had kids who married and had kids. Keith’s dad has great-grandkids now, with another on the way. The family has grown.

Last weekend in April is our Scheidies Spring Fling gathering. (The other is “Thankmas” the weekend after Thanksgiving.) With the way Winter held on, we weren’t sure about the weather. While it wasn’t the ideal of that special gathering, it was sunny and nice–though we mostly stayed indoors. Most of the family was able to come, heading to Minden from near–Minden and Kearney, not too far–Lincoln and Omaha, and further away–the Colorado contingent. As each family arrives at the Scheidies farm on Saturday, there are hugs and promises to chat. There is seeing what everyone brought to add to the potluck and finally sitting down–except for those who go outside with the kids.

Saturday is an evening of food and fellowship–with the traditional late-night card game for those who can manage to stay up late. (Our getting home just before midnight is positively early.) The next morning we gather at Dad’s home in Minden for brunch. And there are always pictures, especially of the little ones who get spoiled royally during these weekends.

But even good things come to an end. One after another reluctantly says their goodbyes and heads home. We gather up our “stuff,” check for leftover food, help clean up Dad’s house and pack for those who traveled a distance. We got home around 3 pm or so, tired, and ready to crash.

Yet, I am left with more than exhaustion. I am left with pictures and memories that will stay in my heart for many years to come. Though we’ve lost Keith’s Mom, we remember her and draw together. I am blessed with family who are also friends. Next Scheidies’ event–my oldest grandson’s high school graduation in Lincoln. Not sure the sequence of events to come next–a birth? A wedding? Or Thankmas?

I can’t wait.

By Carolyn R Scheidies
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