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Blog Politics Is There a Reason to Ban certain Books?

Years ago, when I did the research for someone working to stop pornography, I learned about grooming. A pedophile chooses a child and seeks to spend time gaining the child’s trust. The pedophile shows the child explicit pictures to help normalize the act in the child’s mind. Eventually, this leads to sexual assault. Such graphic material if found by someone near a playground or a school or on a computer might well get that person arrested.

Now we’re hearing about parents calling for banning books at schools and libraries. The idea may make a person cringe. I remember when a group tried to get Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn banned. More recently some schools and libraries are banning Bibles and even historical documents that mention, as many do, God.

And yet, there is a place and time to ban certain books. Today when parents call for the banning of certain books, not all may agree on the precise list. However, I can scarcely conceive of the administrators, teachers and librarians, and others who insist certain books should be available–even for elementary-age children.

These books with graphic text and pictures show adults performing sex acts with children. Some are child-on-child assaults. This isn’t a gender issue. It is an age-appropriate, health and well-being of children issue. These books groom our children for sexual assault, yet too many adults are pushing for such access. I doubt I would let any child I know be alone with any adult pushing for such access for children.

Parents and grandparents and anyone who truly cares for the mental and physical health of a child need to step up and say no. It is time we take a serious look at what books are being offered to our children and teens, what books they are allowed access and what books they may be assigned to read.

Check out what books are available at your school or public library. Check out those running for office, making sure they don’t condone such books. It is truly a time to stand up and ban certain books.

For more specific information and books check: https://omaha.com/news/local/education/nebraska-ed-board-member-says-books-are-hyper-sexualizing-kids-others-say-it-s-a/article_e8bbd00c-8dee-11ec-a2a8-e79907017a0f.html

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