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Blog Politics Are we harming, not protecting our children with Covid mandates? : I deal in hope

I deal in hope : Carolyn R Scheidies

Blog Politics Are we harming, not protecting our children with Covid mandates?

Note: I know not all schools are this restrictive.

I will not argue or discuss. Use this for information and consideration only.

In our desire to protect our children from Covid-19 we’ve placed them in a protective bubble. Our school children are told to self-distance and teachers no longer give a hug, pat a back or touch the students in affirmation. Parents have been told this is for the safety of the children. But this lack of personal interaction and touch goes against decades, even hundreds of years of research, study and common sense.

I’ve read about orphan children in places like Russia and China where there are too many children and not enough caretakers. These children are left without physical love and attention. When these children are adopted, many show signs of detachment disorder. Kids, especially younger children, absolutely require constant physical interaction in order to be mentally as well as physically healthy. Mental health must precede physical health, but in our rush to “protect,” adults have totally forgotten this important connection. Because of their isolation from teachers and each other, how many of these children may exhibit long-term mental and emotional health issues?

This isolation is even more peculiar since Covid-19 does not target children. Data reveals, most children do not get nor pass on the virus. In fact, why are we taking such drastic steps considering Covid-19 has up a 99%, yes 99%, survival rate? That is more than the survival rate for the usual flues passing through each year that often clears out schools due to sick students. Many of these yearly flues DO take the lives of quite a few children, yet we don’t force kids to wear masks or self-distance.

As for masks, the virus particle is smaller than the open weaves of masks and can easily pass right through. I don’t know how many stories I’ve heard about adults, including teachers, who can’t wait to get out in the hall, out of a store or other place where masks are mandated, and tear off that mask so they can breathe deeply.

Yet we force even young children to wear masks all day in school. Young children are just learning how to breathe. They need to be able to breathe deeply in order to develop and strengthen their lungs. Wearing masks short-circuits healthy breathing and lung development. Will these children end up with bronchial problems due to muzzling them with masks not even adults can tolerate long-term?

Also, how often do the children change masks during the day? Masks are quickly saturated with bodily germs and discharges. If masks are not changed regularly during the day, it is like blowing your nose in a tissue, then holding that tissue to your nose for the next hour, two, four, etc.??? In effect, we’re forcing children into an unhealthy, unsanitary situation.

Masks are not a magic bullet and data on their usefulness from around the world is mixed. It appears to be a positive solution, but why force children to wear a mask when they are not the target of this virus?

Then there is the fear factor. We scare children. If they don’t wear a mask they will get sick. If they play or interact normally with other students or friends, they may get sick. This fear is much worse than the usefulness of the protective measures. Fear, once instilled, will affect these children for a lifetime. What effect will this fear have on the ability to bond, and on long-term relationships, such as marriage?

Worse is the anger and nastiness toward those who, for health reasons, are unable and are not supposed to wear a mask. Are parents informed that if their child has respiratory difficulties or is unable to put a mask on and take it off by themselves that they should not wear a mask? If a student doesn’t wear a mask, is that student shunned or vilified by teachers and other students? It certainly is happening in the general populace. Generally nice people have become vicious over this issue.

My question is this? Are our protective measures actually harming our children? Are these measures, in effect, abusing the very ones we wish to protect? These factors are worth exploring–rationally and without the jump to automatic denial or fury.

© 2021Carolyn R Scheidies

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